Tombé... dans les bois


photo: Anne Coudron


Excess is a grotesque duo of juggling and antipodism. The extraordinary technique, unique in the world, joins comedy and movement of bodies.
Excess is born from the need to explore the new possibilities that antipodism offers in relation to two bodies. This process has immediately transported us to interrogate on the relation between man and woman and they different roles. Game, fight, sharing, taboo, let born the surprises and the comic moments. The juggling technique borns from the original idea of using antipodism with juggling balls in combination with passing between the two jugglers, thus creating complex patterns with hands and feets, exploring the various positions of interlacing of the bodies.

photo: Anne Coudron
photo: Anne Coudron



Emilia Taurisano has rediscovered antipodism, playing up to 5 balls with her hands and skilful feet”   Gabi Keast in Kaskade n°88


photo: Guidu
" Juggling, antipodism, and the movement of the body reveals my identity. I'm looking for a way to express my being. By telling about myself I talk about human and animal things, the material and the sentimental. I want to share my experiences, my emotions and the secrets of my soul".
Tombé  is a amazing solo of contemporary juggling and antipodism. He has been created in 2006. The writing is inspired to "The Albatros" by Baudelaire and it is in continuous evolution because deeply tied to my run of life. 
The technique of the antipodism with bouncing balls is totally original; the objects are metaphor of the aspiration to elevation and of falling attraction. The movement of the body, made of vibrations and breaths, feeds on butoh dance and  seeks beauty in the strength of expression rather than in the aesthetical form.  

photo: Sara Gameiro

World Autobiografia 


With the support of:
Institut français de Rabat – Ecole nationale de cirque de Shems'y (Maroc)
  MJC of La Châtre – FAAAC, Formation Alternative et Autogérée aux Arts du Cirque
 – European Cultural Foundation – le magasin de Photos Gesell -Sham and Ville de Dugny
Jonglissimo, Festival des Arts du Cirque et de la Jongle – Play Juggling

photo: Isabelle Bruyere

Dramaturgy: Emilia Tau and Bertrand Depoortere.
Performers:   Emilia Tau and Francesca Palombo
Photos and Projections: Bertrand Depoortere
Live music : Francesca Palombo
Lighting: Julien Pichard
Directing actors: Aldo Augieri

World Autobiografia" born from the desire to share our perceptions of the world, social and human environments, through local traditions, global habits and political and social aspects. The protagonists of this “trip tale” is our piont of view , our experiences, encounters and knowledge around World. Between documentary and visionary, we want to show the world that we know and communicate our emotions and feelings techniques that we will use are circus, physical expression and visual arts such as photography and video.
The manipulation of objects, juggling and antipodism (juggling with the feet) will be the bases of a body and visual working. The objects that we will used are taken from nature, common objects and other used in circus.
The movement of the body born by the technique of “mime.corporelledramatique”, spontaneous and “butoh” dance , so that our emotions can sculpt the body.
The Super 8 films, photographs, slides, illustrations will be projected on the body and on different surfaces and materials.