Compagnie Tau

Emilia Tau 

Autodidact antipodist, she received since 2000 juggling, dance and physical theater teaching, mime corporel dramatique of Oliver Pollak, juggling and butoh of Jean Daniel Fricker.
 She is involved in the project of training, creation and diffusion of FAAAC (Formation alternative et autogérée aux arts du cirque);
 She is acting on several social projects which "Clowns Without Borders" in Uruguay, the circus school Assirk Assaghir of Nablus in Palestine, Casa de Clovni of Timisoara in Romania. Also she collabores with theater companies and circus (Asfalto teatro, Jean Daniel Fricker, The baladaÏ, ...) and produces performances and installations.

After the birth of her solo Tombé in 2006, and the duo Excess with Leonardo Cristiani, she created the company Tau with Bertrand Depoortere, which now is working to create the piece World Autobiografia.

Her research, which uses expressionist antipodism and juggling, is moving to exploring all expressive possibilities and  language that can open to artistic and human experiences and reveal his identity and that of our time.

She transmits juggling, antipodism and body expression and participates in cultural action
for sharing knowledge and the arts of life.

Photo: Anne Coudron

Bertrand Depoortère

He is a photographer who Works essentially on report subjects about human being and his social and visual environment. This vocation eleven years ago as a self-taught then studying photo developing and edition in black and white film at Chateauroux Beaux art’s school. Since end of 2003 he works as photographer and super 8 projectionist in the artist collective « Martine à la plage ».
Projections super 8 and slides pictures  are integrate in the set of a French song concert named « Foutaise ». In the year 2006 he participate with the collective in a European tour during 5 months through Balkan. In year 2007 he returns to Bosnia to learn photography to children in Banjaluka. In year 2009: photographer on « Work in progress arts meeting », meeting of 70 artists in Srebrna Gora, Poland. Those different projects has been subjects of exhibitions.

photo: B. Depoortère


2011:  « Le cerveau vide, les yeux ouverts »;
2010: « 20 ans de Martine à la Plage »;
2009:  « Work in progress arts meeting »; 
2008/2009:  « Les gueules »; 
2008: « Souffles flamboyants »; 
2006: «Taco tour »; 
2003:  « Photo de famille »; 
2002:  « L'endroit ».


Leonardo Cristiani

Since the childhood Leonardo studyed physical theatre, dance and circus skills, working on the "modern clown" as way of expressions. Leonardo's study focuses principally on the body and research into its limitless expressive abilities. He has travelled, worked widely in Europe practicing with Europe’s leading jugglers. He has studied eastern disciplines, particularly Yoga and Ki-Aikido. In 2005 he taught contemporary juggling at the University of Bologna, Italy. Between 2008 and 2010 He participates to FAAAC (Formation Alternative et Autogerè Arts du Cirque) following its projects between France and Poland. He also joined the company "jonglorsion" directed by Jean-Daniel Fricker, working for several years on Butoh and expressionist dance. He his  also co-founder of the project "Bologna Buskers Pirate". With his projects and shows, (such as the company "La Sbrindola" or the duo "Exess") in the recent years he has participated to the main Italian and European festivals of street art, gala shows and events of all kinds

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Francesca Palombo

Julien Pichard